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Yuna ito dating

The single ranked second on the Oricon charts, next to Nakashima's "Glamorous Sky," and made Yuna Ito one of the most successful debuting artists of 2005.

It will continue, however, to be released in tankōbon (graphic novel format).

The manga has also been adapted into a highly successful live-action film with a sequel released on December 9, 2006, and an anime adaptation that premiered on April 5, 2006.

Has too much pride to just follow Ren to Tokyo and happily be a rockstar's girlfriend, she stays behind.

She leaves for Tokyo at the age of twenty, and to start her musical career.

When her friends and then boyfriend leave for Tokyo, she decides to join them a year later after having saved enough money at the age of 20.

Nana and Hachi meet in a train by chance, both on their way to Tokyo.

Nana Osaki is a punk-rock singer with a style to match, and Nana Komatsu, also known as Hachi, a small-town girl who moves to Tokyo to start a new life.

They meet on a train, and their destinies are sealed.

The importance of each character grows in the manga as the story progresses to many dramatic heights and falls. and Nana K., support each other greatly, as evidenced both in the story and in the narration, which is done by either Nana at the beginning and end of each volume.

Other important characters include Hachi's friends and ex-boyfriend, who she followed from her hometown to Tokyo, the members of Nana O.'s band (Black Stones), and the members of the band Trapnest.

The other Nana, on the other side, comes to Tokyo with the goal of making it big with her band, Black Stones.