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Friendship apps are another helpful way of connecting with others who are also looking to make friends during a significant life change, like a move to a new city or becoming a new parent.

It's important to choose activities that are .

Having the expectation that you'll chat or partner up with someone else can make it a lot easier to strike up a conversation that eventually leads to a friendship.

Volunteering is another great way to pursue something you care about, whether it's your love of animals, the environment, or people, and connect with others who feel similarly passionate.

Draw on your strengths Feeling confident and "in your element" can go a long way towards helping you feel comfortable meeting new people.

“So administration had to look into it, get quotes, and write the regulations. But there are regulations now, so it’s exciting.”The city, however, would only go for static equipment.“The legal people are still a little nervous about one with moving parts,” Payne said.

Windsor is not the first local municipality to try the concept of outdoor exercise equipment — that honour goes to Lakeshore, which put in stations along a jogging path in Optimist Park a few years ago.“It’s popular,” said Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain.

And choosing the right person as your wing-man or wing-woman might actually help you to put yourself out there.