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Who was whitney cummings dating

Today, I regularly challenge doctors to give me an alternative solution to quick-fix pills, and if my gut is telling me my issues have been minimized, I'll refuse to settle and get a second opinion (but not from Web MD, because every time I go on that site, I quickly come to the conclusion that I have leprosy).

Back then, the money I saved went to more important things, like self-tanner and hair extensions.

I finally scraped together some self-esteem when I was 31, thanks to intense therapy for codependence.

For example, I told a doctor about some stomach issues I was having, and he nonchalantly mumbled, "It's probably just cramps," as if I were his naggy wife trying to get him to talk about my feelings.

After I told him I wasn't on my period, he said, "You probably have IBS." Turns out I did not have IBS; he was just full of BS.

Not wanting to perpetuate the stereotype that women are "weak" and "dramatic," I never thought to get any of these maladies treated.

Also, doctors are expensive as hell, and I wasn't going to waste my money on silly health insurance.

Looking back on my twenties, I regret a lot of what I put my body through, whether it was stripping the vitamins from my bones by starving myself, bathing my brain in cortisol from dating narcissists, blowing out my adrenal glands from workaholism, undersleeping, or drinking a shocking amount of blueberry-vanilla coffee from 7-Eleven.