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Who is nicky hayden dating

moves her act to Ciro's but finds that the movie star crowd isn't as enthusiastic as her fans at a main street burlesque house.

Joining Hayden in the roster of bachelors are actors Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and Colin Farrell - all fellow motorcyclists - as is Dhani Jones, the american football star who was among the bachelors up against Hayden on Wednesday's "Today" show."Now that I'm in People magazine I hope these women start answering the phone when I call," Hayden joked.25-year-old Sarah Hostetter (top pic) from Seattle, Washington, chose Hayden over the other two contestants on the show after asking each a series of questions. As for the perfect woman, Hayden said, "A girl who's cool. "I get paid to go fast - I was kind of hoping I could sing for you - I've gone 215, 218mph top speed, so pretty fast."Asked to choose among the three, Hostetter said: "I really like a man who can sing and I love athletes, and I don't know if my mom's going to be too happy about this, but I love a man who can ride fast.""I finally won something this year! Among them is Hayden's mother, Rose, a former motorcycle racer in her own right."My mom actually always reads the magazine," Hayden confirmed, adding that being in People is "definitely good for getting motorcycle racing.

Someone, like I said, on the same page, reminds me of my mom."But the next question arguably played more to his strengths: "Whether in a car or on a bike what's the fastest you've ever gone? I always try to represent motorcycles in a good way."Racing has been so good to me and my family. It's nice to help the country see that it's not just all Hell's Angels and bikers.

is found unconscious in her Las Vegas hotel bungalow. files for divorce from Jordan charging him with extreme cruelty, saying he caused her great unhappiness and injured her health.