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Who is maria kanellis dating

Maria states that she had no problems with Mc Cool, but that it was weird how her character changed. I love how the WWE Universe portrays Maria as this nice pacifist but she's been telling sites about the flaws in the current divas. Melina and Michelle Mc Cool should really watch their backs.

It’s basically the search for the new Women of Honor since we’ve lost a lot of our originals like Daizee Haze and Sara del Rey.

Wrestling is and always has been a male-dominated industry. I had done Celebrity Apprentice and I was looking for another outlet for my creativity.

Wrestling itself is tougher to get into than any other major sport and it’s even tougher for women to get into wrestling. I met these great producers and we did these songs.

Bonin, who retired from the ring in 2014 to focus on her fitness clothing line Celestial Bodiez, has not responded to the photo leak. In addition to Paige and Kaitlyn, there are also rumored to be hacked nudes floating around of Divas Maria Kanellis and Summer Rae, though the latter has denied the photographs are real.

Photos: Celebrities Affected By Nude Hacking This is not Celeste's year so far; the former champ announced she was separating from bodybuilder hubby P. Is it just us, or is stealing and sharing the private property of women who are paid to smash folding chairs over people kind of a bad idea?

Do you see yourself continuing to work for ROH in the next few years? You’ve expressed quite a dedication to the Women of Honor.

There’s no doubt that you care about the success of the division.

There’s so much talent on the independent circuit now and it makes my job easy.