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Who is lisa leslie dating

Lisa Leslie is perhaps the most recognizable player in women's basketball history, having made a name for herself as a WNBA legend and the first team sport athlete to win four consecutive Olympic gold medals in 1996, 2000, 20.

Her dominance continued at the professional level, earning countless accolades over the course of a career that cemented her status as the face of the sport, including three regular season MVP awards, back-to-back WNBA championships and becoming the first woman to slam-dunk in a professional game.

Leslie's off-the-court accomplishments are equally impressive. She has enjoyed a successful modeling career with the prestigious Wilhelmina agency since 1996, received her master's degree in business, released her first book and become the co-owner of the Los Angeles Sparks in 2009.

She would say things that lifted us up." When the topic is girls and role models, Leslie dives right in.

She has long made a point to provide encouragement to the many girls, especially those in sports, who've held her in high regard.

My greatest accomplishment was representing my country.

It showed that you can take advantage of the many opportunities we have in this country if you work hard enough." Now a wife and mother, she tries to relay her life lessons to her two children, eight-year-old Lauren and five-year-old Michael Jr., and her basics are: love who you are and what you are.

That was critical, because Lisa was 6-5 by eighth grade and had heard all the comments well before then.