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Veronica dating com

There are (tragically) not a ton of romantic Logan and Veronica moments in Season 2, as Veronica dumps Logan and is with Duncan for a good half of the season.

Veronica Mars may have hooked us up with a high school-set gritty murder-mystery, but the real reason we stuck around was for the characters — or rather, two of them.

That's not to say that there weren't plenty of amazing episodes that fanned our inner Lo Ve adoration, though!

If Logan and Veronica are your OTP, then re-watch these episodes for some of the best Logan and Veronica moments of the entire series.

Guess there really is a fine line between love and hate, huh?

Logan and Veronica were a perfect match from day one of the series, and, while the series may have ended with Veronica dating a different guy and Logan pining from the sidelines, 2014's Veronica Mars Movie put them right back where they needed to be — together.

You can see how she cares for you as she takes a cloth and begins to wipe the blood and sweat from your face.

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