Start Tom brady dating tara reid

Tom brady dating tara reid

Somewhere out there is a person who has spent the last 12 years wondering, investigating, theorizing.

They heard the rumors about Tara Reid and Tom Brady maybe, possibly dating back in 2002, and they sought out to substantiate those rumors. It's long been whispered that the "American Pie" actress hooked up with the football star way back in 2002.

For 12 long years, they couldn't quite find the missing link, the definitive photograph, the cryptic quote or tweet from one of the parties involved. And it haunted this person, kept him or her up at night. But the 38-year-old has now confirmed what everybody has always thought—and dished the dirt on the relationship on Australian radio."Have kissed. The fact that she knows he's pretty good looking obviously means that she's seen him before, and if you've seen someone there's at least a chance you've spent a substantial amount of time with that person.

He's pretty good looking," she coyly replied Thursday when asked about the athlete on KIIS 1065's Kyle and Jackie O's breakfast show. Finally, we have a glimpse into the life they shared together for those fateful months; or weeks; or days; or day; or hours; or maybe they, like, got drunk once and made out for a few minutes. The more we learn, the bigger and bigger this breaking news story seems.

After playing as an extra for few seasons, he became their starting quarterback.

Tom is one of the highest paid American footballers, with the maximum salary of $9 million per year.

He has accumulated a net worth of $180 million while his, Gisele Bündchen wife has made $380 million in her respective career as a supermodel.

As you've probably guessed, folks on Twitter were gushing about the relationship.