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Speed dating for young people

He plots Woodmorappe's collection of anomalous radiometric results and notices something remarkable.

We will now look at several arguments, which may or may not be supported by Dr. I will also present a couple of arguments indicating that the earth is much older than a few thousand years.

Former creationist Glenn Morton examines several famous young-earth creationist arguments and provides data to illustrate their flaws.

In fact, it is not at all unusual for several different radiometric methods to agree within a few percentage points on a date.

When you consider that each radiometric method is subject to different types of error, that the different "clocks" run at different speeds, such an agreement would be extremely rare on the basis of pure chance.

Suzie uses her expertise to help young people navigate the complex world of cancer.

Here she talks about how she supports young cancer patients to thrive and not just survive:"If there are newly diagnosed patients referred to CLIC Sargent I will meet them and their family to introduce myself, and the support I can provide. It's about providing a friendly face and a listening ear to try and reassure them about the treatment and the journey that lays ahead for them."The support I provide often extends to after treatment, helping young people to re-engage with education or employment and to rebuild confidence once more.

This cannot be done by merely citing the numerous ways in which one can get a bad date; nor is it achieved by concentrating on atypical cases.