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Abdul's parents died before I met him but his mother was the rock of the family.

There is a lot of kneeling, putting the head to the floor, and somewhat of a programmed movement. He likes to be at home to pray so we center our outings around the prayer times.

Their father was the equivalent to the US secretary of state and held other political jobs so they lived a very comfortable lifestyle in a villa in Mogadishu with servants, chauffeurs, and nannies.

Abdul and his older sisters attended Italian boarding school.

The women stay separately and when the sheikh is happy that the duties are understood we all eat..not together.

I invited my sister and niece Margaret to join me that day and then there were his sisters and we did it at the home his 2 sisters shared.

Let me first say, there is no castle, no tiara, no riches.

He is often asked to give away brides to represent the family and it's a great honor.

So for those of you who are curious or just remotely's a little information. His Dad was Mohamed Ali Daar and the middle name is always the father's first name. In Somali circles, this was a pretty important family. The eldest born son in any family has a big responsibility to ensuring the family has what they need.