Start Queued updating subscribers

Queued updating subscribers

You can dequeue these messages from the exception queue with an ordinary dequeue. For JMS Sharded Queues, this view shows messages only for durable subscribers because non durable subscribers are session specific.

It also displays the transformation for the subscriber, if one was specified. This view is created only for 8.1-compatible queue tables.

View" summary="This table describes the contents of a view. The second column is the datatype for that view column.

Or some other way to indicate that "all is well" even though the stored procedure returned a message.

Most people use the Mail Chimp API to manage subscriber data.

This view is automatically created with each queue table and should be used for querying the queue data.

The dequeue history data (time, user identification and transaction identification) is only valid for single-consumer queues. If the Oracle Database Advanced Queuing queue process monitor is running, then the messages are eventually moved to an exception queue.

The rows are deleted when the database (or instance in an Oracle RAC environment) restarts.