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Polyamory dating seattle

Skidmore says it's "freeing" to be more transparent about her private life."All the poly people I know have a need to be authentic and honest about what is going on in their life.

Later, he acknowledges, "It's so on the edge of accepted cultural norms it can be difficult at times."None of the polyamory practitioners interviewed for this story would agree to have their photographs taken.

Altemus describes a past monogamous breakup "as a death of a shared dream, a shared life" and says there are no guarantees in any relationship.

"They aspire to relationships in which all members have equal power.

They hope that by developing insight into each member's sexual and psychological needs and honestly communicating them, members can overcome jealousy and possessiveness."In larger cities there are places such as the Center for Sex Positive Culture in Seattle where people who call themselves "conscientiously nonmonogamous" can find each other by attending "poly potlucks" and other events.

The ultimate betrayal in polyamory is lying, practitioners say."If a partner has permission to sleep with someone else and there is still secrecy, that hurt is at a deeper level," says Skidmore, a Southern Oregon University student who is working toward a master's degree in clinical psychology.

"If someone has all of this freedom and still has the need to do something hurtful, that's a bigger issue than sexual freedom."Polyamory shouldn't be confused with polygamy, the practice of having more than one spouse.

I envision dating all three together, and each of us, one on one. We live in the greater Seattle area, about an hour northeast, so ideally we're looking for someone nearby. This place is for polyamorous redditors seeking to add a third, fourth or more to their existing relationship.

We also have a young child, so in case that's a dealbreaker, there it is. This is *not* a hookup reddit, this is exclusively a reddit for relationship seekers.

"If there is any small dysfunction in your relationship, it will be amplified."People who are polyamorous sometimes have to manage the stress of concealing their identity or deal with the consequences of talking about it, says behavior specialist Fields, especially in the U. where the majority of straight and same-sex relationships are monogamous."Disapproval may take the form of ostracism from family or losing jobs," she says.

Legal issues also make these relationships challenging, from child custody to property division if a member leaves the group.

In 2006, the term polyamory (‘many loves’) made an entry into the Oxford English Dictionary.