Start Outlook contact card not updating

Outlook contact card not updating

This is happening with fully updated copies of both Office 20 Home and Business and with all of our Contact lists not just a specific one. This result from MS describes it exactly, but they just tell you to remove the list and not how to fix it if it still in use.

Or even worse; Do you want to change the address for every contact when the company relocates? The following method describes an easy way to update general information for contacts that are sharing the same details in one or more Contact field.

You can find more details about that method in the guide: Search and Replace for Contact fields.

If you want a more direct or advanced approach within Outlook itself, then you can also use a Search and Replace add-in.

There are several parts involved in creating and displaying those profiles you see in Lync’s contact window. You can determine its replicating interval with the Power Shell cmdlet Get-Cs User Replicator Configuration.) Once a day (the default is AM) the changes in SQL Server are synchronized to Lync’s Address Book Server. To see its settings, run Get-Cs Address Book Configuration. So if we wanted to standardize all the contact photos in users’ Lync profiles, the best place to do it is in Active Directory, right?