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BEST OF THC BAY CITY LIVING EDITORS' PICKS BEST NEW GRIND: SOMA WEST SKATE PARK GUARDIAN PHOTO BY TIM DAW BEST NEW GRIND San Francisco's status as a legend- ary skate spot tumbled and bailed in the past decade as skatestoppers (metal brackets) gummed up the grinds at historic skate spots like EMB (the Embarcadero), Hubba Hideout; Wallenberg, and Pier 7.

So we've become big fans of Yoga to the People, a donation-based ($10 per class is the suggested fee — but you can drop whatever you want in the Kleenex box), hourlong, anti-guru (no teacher names are listed on the schedule, you get whoever you get) alternative to big studio flows. 415,647,4500 in the Dogpatch Third Street Corridor off Hwy 280 BEST OF TH£ MY AMANDA GUEST, AKA COSMIC AMANDA (LEFT), RUNS BFF.

World Team's newest up-and-comer is a San Francisco native: Robby Squyres Jr., an underdog whose star rose in the Battle of the Pacific amateur tourna- ment. FM Alternative Ink program isn't the only reason we believe that this vibrant online radio station warrants a Best of the Bay honor. FM — Best Frequencies Forever to those in the know — is a gardener of grooves, cultivating a flourishing community of music lovers, DJs, and other creative types.

World Team USA is not just about jocks kicking each other to a bloody pulp, however (though they do that too). The always-growing lineup includes shows like Dig This! «/l SAN FRANCISCO Fort Mason Center Nov 1-2 2 Itetail Fri Sat&Sun 10-6 P SAN JOSE ^ Convention Center Nov 8-9 1^ Retail Fri 3-8pm Sat&Sun 10-6 O SACRAMENTO X Cal Expo Center Nov 15-16 l#l Retail Fri 3-8pni Sat SLSun 10-6 FREE LIFT TICKETS!

Fortunately for the car-free, the San Francisco segment of the California Coastal Trail offers challenging, (mostly) off-road turf with spectacular views to boot — including a killer glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge. We're not sure if the organizers can top it next year, but we're certainly willing to find out.