Start Muslim male dating non muslim female

Muslim male dating non muslim female

The unbelieving man denies Islam and the Prophet's message.

And do not marry your womenfolk to disbelieving men until they believe. The law specifically mentions muhsanaat -- chaste females (from the People of the Book); it did not say muhsaneen -- chaste males.

A believing slave is better that a polytheist even though the latter may please you . ." [Sura Al Baqarah/1]The general rule here (as enunciated in the above verse) is that marriage to non-Muslims is forbidden. Since we noted above that the exception to the general rule can only be to the limit of the text that allows such exception, it follows then that this concession has been granted only to Muslim men.

For example, polytheists and pagans are kafirs and/or mushriks - kafirs, because they disbelieve in Allah's final message (the Qur'an); mushrik, because of their polytheism or idolatry as the case may be.

Now in the Qur'an, the Christians and Jews are classified as the Ahl al Kitab (People of the Book) for whom there are certain concessions, although among them are those who are trinitarians (click on Kufr and Shirk and People of the Book for more information).

Any change to this rule then, must be specifically stated, and we can only act on the basis of that specification. This means that a Muslim woman is not permitted to marry a man outside of Islam (unless he believes).

Allah (s.w.t) in Sura Al Ma'ida (5:6) grants a concession: "This day all innately good things are lawful for you Lawful to you are the chaste women from among those who have been given the Book before you. In addition, the scholars are unanimous in this verdict.

A Jew or Christian woman married to a Muslim would have her beliefs respected.

A Muslim woman married to a Jew or Christian could be maligned.

Regarding the nikah ceremony, the whole aspect of what we know as the nikah is not obligatory -not that it is useless; it is a legal formation by the jurists.

In the Prophet's day, as far as we can see from the Qur'an, there is no ceremony stipulated.

This means that the method of contracting a marriage was the same one as known in the community. It is when a man and a woman get together in front of the community, or representatives of the community, and declare that they "belong" to each other. The Qur'an gives us permission to marry her, meaning that she retains her faith.