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Manila dating scam

People meet other people who they never expected to find, either because they live far away or because they are simply not the kind of people in their regular social circles.

For example, Ghana scams usually involve a one-time or a sporadic request for a big sum of money.

No one will let you cross but they will not try to deliberately hit you either. Then, out of thanks or something like that, he/she will buy you a drink. Any of the guide books will tell you this is the number one scam. Be totally paranoid if a Filipino wants to buy you a drink.

The drink will be laced with the drug, Ativan, a sedative that will render you unconscious. There is no need to be worried about friendly Filipinos, they comprise most of the population.

told police a woman who identified herself as Liza was one of six persons who drugged and robbed him.