Start Korean adoptees dating koreans

Korean adoptees dating koreans

We saw his face for the first time on April 26, 2017, and we said our unofficial YES on May 1, 2017.

Unassigned Referrals: Often called “waiting children” in other countries, Unassigned Referrals are kiddos who, for any number of reasons, did not get matched with a family waiting for an Assigned Referral, and whose files may come available at any point during or directly following the home study without “waiting in line.” Unassigned Referrals generally come along with the Assigned Referral batches we talked about above, arriving to the agency at the same time as the files for families who were “matched.” Unlike many other countries, however, children considered “unassigned” in Korea may or may not have significant medical needs.

Perhaps the other families currently waiting all had bio children too young for the child being matched.

Or perhaps there was a facial birthmark no other waiting family was open to.

Gideon was an Unassigned Referral, and his file was presented to us the day our home study was complete!

At least with SWS, there are two “paths” for adoptive families pursuing Korea: Assigned Referrals and Unassigned Referrals.

In other adoption programs, you’ll hear “matched” instead of “received a referral,” but essentially a referral is being matched with your baby!

Assigned Referrals are the “normal” path, though surprisingly not necessarily the most common (our American agency refers 60% unassigned and 40% assigned).