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Jordan witzigreuter christofer drew dating

Christofer Drew was sitting on his soft bed; humming some random, soothing melody.

He’d never really given thought about having a child of own.

Christofer stared at the little boy, curious to know what was on his mind.

But the little baby was only four days old, so there was probably not much to think about, the man thought.

As he filled out the information he knew, he started to fill out his son’s full name. “Do you know how to change a diaper, feed, burp, and bathe a baby? “No,” he answered with embarrassment, looking down at his feet.

As he finish it up, the nurse, whose name was Ann, returned with Rockwell. “Then yes, you can stay here so that we can show you how to take of,” she stopped, looking at the certificate, “Rockwell Drew Ingle.” It was now Christofer and Rockwell’s second (sixth for Rockwell, obviously) at the hospital. Christofer was lying down on the hospital bed, Rockwell’s head resting on his chest.

He had to go back to the hospital to fill out Rockwell’s birth certificate because apparently, his ex didn’t bother to do it herself.

When Christofer entered the hospital (which he hoped was the right one), he earned some strange looks. It’s not every day that a twenty three year old man walked into a hospital barefooted, wearing a The Beatles tank top showing off his tattoos, skinny jeans ripped in the knees, his hair all messed off making him look like he had carrying a sleeping baby.

Making her way towards her, he tapped her shoulder, holding his son in one arm. The women turned, looking Christofer up and down judgmentally. ” “Do you happen to know if a Hannah Beth was around here?