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Information on dating in czech republic

So, why did I download Tinder and Bumble before boarding my flight Prague last August?

I was worried that his online persona and true self would be different—but I was extremely anxious that the real me would not live up to his perception of online Kelley.

With that, I put up walls on our first date that had not existed in our online communication.

I was afraid to be vulnerable, which is ironic because uprooting your entire existence to a foreign country where you do not speak the language or fully understand the culture requires you to be vulnerable.

Yet to allow myself to fall in love, something that I never thought would be on the cards while abroad, was more petrifying than boarding that plane in August.

The majority of my Czech matches wanted to practice their English and become friends with an American.

Of course, I could not completely avoid people who were just on these apps for sexual conquest.

The reason I deleted these apps after 10 days was not out of frustration, but out of excitement.