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Hot tatood men for dating

Whilst I dislike the use of “gay” to mean “stupid”…Anyway, some xenophobic “white pride” Australians have tried to hyjack the Eureka flag.

In this case it is the bogans inability to distinguish between patriotism and nationalism.

That has a Southern Cross on it, but it represents an independent Australian identity away from the fucking British colonialism.

bogans don’t want to establish an individual identity, to fucking gay and difficult!

which is so fitting considering that in exactly one week from today…. I’ve actually heard a bogue ask for this at our local drive thru bottle-o, and berate the poor guy serving when he didn’t understand his request… I think it’s the media which has allowed the bogan flourish, as it plays right into the mindset of the bogan.

Aussie Pride will be flowing like a spilled can of Jim Bean…. Another that I have heard around the gutters of the western suburbs is “Get me a Yugoslavian!!! Believe it or not, this is a reference to a Case of Beer (preferably VB)… Then again that is their business plan all along, comprising and selling out australian culture, all for $1.40 everyday.

Ultimately it’s up to a person if they get a tattoo or not but so many people get the SC tattoo for the wrong reason and they think it makes them cool even though it’s unoriginal and kind of an uninteresting design.

“Australian pacebowler Peter Siddle has recently had a subtle southern cross inked into his skin: hmmmmm…Australian cricket team = Orstrayaz Bogan Royalty How about the Eureka Symbol?

Southern Cross Tattoos have been proliferating in Australia ever since, TBL’s tattooist sources claim to be churning out about fifteen Aussies Swazies a week, a startling pace which shows no sign of slowing.