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An optimist could argue that the willingness of consumers to spend as if there were no tomorrow is an encouraging sign that – despite all the ‘Project Fear’ warnings of an economic crash caused by Brexit – the British people remain supremely confident about the nation’s prospects.

It appears there is a feeling they are past the bad old days and they can start taking risks again in the knowledge they will probably get their money back.’Peter Tutton, from debt charity Step Change, said: ‘New evidence of lenders reducing minimum income requirements is likely to make a bad situation worse.’Benefits including jobseekers’ allowance, carers’ allowance and disability living allowance, plus child maintenance payments, are considered as income by some providers.

The ONS said this was partly due to a rise in consumer spending despite people feeling poorer.

The Bank of England is so concerned by the levels of consumer debt it has launched a major review of lending practices.

Banks are helping fuel a dangerous debt binge by offering credit cards to families with little or no income.