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Frauen dating in der region

It held countships in the Thurgau, Albgau, Ortenau and Breisgau.

It is not known whether "Lancelini" was the same person as Landolt, husband of Bertha, but the similarity of names suggests that it is possible. Ancestor of the House of Zhringen His parentage is indicated by a charter dated 1027 under which "Wernherus Strasburgensis episcopus et castri quod dicitur Habesbur, fundator monasterio in patrimonio meo Murein pago Argoia in comitatu Rore" donated property to Kloster Muri "per manum germani fratris mei Lancelini", although it is not known whether this refers to the same person.

"Pyrtilo" founded the monastery of Sulzburg by charter dated to [993], confirmed by Emperor Otto II by charter dated 22 Jun 993 at the request of "Byrchtilonis comitis" specifying that Sulzburg was "in pago Brysichgowein comitatu superius iam scripti Birchtilonis comitis".

The first recorded mention of the title associated with Baden is a charter of Emperor Heinrich V dated (see below).

The son of Markgraf Hermann [II] was briefly installed in the march of Verona by Konrad III King of Germany in 1148, but this had no further effect on his title. Graf im Breisgau: Emperor Otto I granted property "habere Cuntramnus comes in pago Prisecgeuue in comitatu Pirihtihonis in locis Puckinga, Uringa, Muron" to Konrad Bishop of Konstanz by charter dated 21 Feb 962 [Lanzelin] (-991). The Liber Vit of Einsiedeln records the donation made in Jan by comes Lantoldus et Lutgardis uxor eius.

"Heinricus Romanorum imperator augustus" confirmed property "in pago Brysihcgowe in villis Mulinheim et Ougheim in comitatu Bertholdi comitisin pago Brisihcgowe in villa Piccensole in comitatu supra dicti Bertholdi comitis" to the cathedral of Basel by charter dated .

"Eberhardus comes Turegie provincie" exchanged property with "Bertholdo Carinthiorum duce" by charter dated early Mar 1050, witnessed by "Burchardus et Eberhardus et Adelbertus, filii Eberhardi comitis".

This may have been the same person as Bezzelin, ancestor of the Zhringen family, or at least the grantee may have been closely related to him considering that the name Berthold was used frequently by Bezzelin's descendants.

"Pirctelocum manu fratris mei Gebehardi" donated property to Sulzburg monastery "in pago Prisicheuue in comitatu Adalberoni comitis", and granted the monastery to the church of Basel, by charter dated , witnessed by "Adalbero comes, Beretholt comes, Ruodolf comes".

The title "Markgraf" was never officially awarded to the Markgrafen von Baden in a way which associated it with Baden as a territory.

Hermann [I] was installed as "Markgraf" in the March of Verona in northern Italy by Heinrich IV King of Germany in 1072.

They sided with the anti-king of Germany, Rudolf von Rheinfelden Duke of Swabia, after his election in 1077.