Start Cosmo dating blog

Cosmo dating blog

The first is that they have a history of various exploitive techniques and scams.

If, on the other hand, your site is already firmly in adult dating territory, you have free reign to sign up with whatever affiliate networks you want.

RSS feeds are one such tertiary form of advertising, but that’s still on the web.

Selling sponsored content or recommendations – or even ads – in your mailing list is another good idea.

Running an affiliate link to Adult Friend Finder would jeopardize your Ad Sense enrollment and likely get your site blacklisted, so be careful.

Buy Sell Ads is a network that assists advertisers and publishers with connecting to one another.

They handle fulfillment, and you pull in a bit of profit.

Not every company offers dropshipping, though, so make sure you make a contract before you start trying to sell. Like selling advertising on your site itself, you can create ads and sell sponsored content in other places as well.

There are quite literally hundreds of dating sites, so simply pick the ones that seem to fit with your site the best and investigate their referral programs.