Start Consolidating computer wiring

Consolidating computer wiring

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What you need to do from the 20-pin motherboard Mole connector take a wire or a dual mail Molex piece and bridge or short out the PC_ON and the Ground wires. An alternative for those not comfortable with wiring is to buy a jumper made specifically for this task they are very inexpensive but considering what they are they should be.. This is useful for checking out drivers or devices without contaminating a system or requiring the us of an existing PC..

We use this all the time to test fan's and lights..

These are used very frequently for additional ports commonly provided with the newer cases for front terminals..

As you can see from the images above the USB and Fire wire have very similar board mounts but the wiring is very different.

Note that some fans will come with two or three wires the third wire is a sensor wire used to evaluate performance and in some situation regulate the voltage running to the fan...