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Chubby girls personal dating

Doug is excited about going to his first school costume dance, and having the opportunity to dance with his dream girl, Patti.

Doug really wants to go, but sticks with his best friend.

On the night of the concert the two are at the Honker Burger, when they get the surprise of their lives. Wingo tells him that he'll be introducing a special performer for an upcoming school show.

Doug joins the Bluff Scouts and, on his first camping trip with the scouts, he really wants to get his first badge.

But when Roger "volunteers" to be Doug's camping partner, he's not sure how the camping trip will turn out.

The series premiered on Nickelodeon in 1991, and production continued until 1993.

A new series titled Brand Spanking New Doug (later shortened to Disney's Doug) was produced by Disney's ABC network in 1996. Nickelodeon's Doug (52 episodes; 4 seasons) consisted of two stories per half-hour block.

Skeeter and Doug win tickets to go see The Beets live at a concert in Bluffington.

Unfortunately, everything comes to a halt when Skeeter gets grounded and can't go with Doug to the concert.

After posting flyers around town, he learns that Roger has found it.

Doug and Patti are both paired up in a cooking class competition.

ABC's Doug (65 episodes; 3 seasons) consisted of one story per half-hour block.