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Cassadee pope dating jack barakat

He placed me down on the bed and kissed my forehead.

I turned around to look at Alex sleeping, oh god he looked so cute. He's dating someone and he'll never be yours.

I sighed and decided to go get a drink from the pop machine in the hallway. I grabbed my drink and was heading back when someone smacked right into me. I'm sorry, I wasn't looking where I was going at all," a guy said helping me up.

It was still dark but I could see flashes of light now and then from the street lights that lit the roads of London. "Oh good, you're up," the voice said in the front seat.

My head hurt and when I tried sitting up I couldn't.

How could I ever trust her after what she did to me before?!

They were first staying in Los Angeles, California but have now shifted to Nashville, Tennessee. Both have adopted a French bulldog called Cuppy in 2016.

I suddenly felt drowsy again and this time I fell into a deep sleep. He was going to be so worried and all I wanted to do was hug him and be with him. ______________________________ Alex's POV I woke up with a smile on my face.

She knew I wouldn't be able to say no to helping her after what happened earlier. I was being untied and lifted out of the car, I obviously tried fighting but something sharp poked my arm.

I walked back to the hotel room noticing all of the guys were up. "I just went to go grab a drink," I said sitting down on the bed.

And besides, it's not like Alex would ever date me anyway.

I looked up to see who was carrying me, sure enough it being Rian. -------------------------------------------------- I woke up the next day to see Rian next to me, snoring. Neither was I, I'm fine," I said smiling, unsure of what to say next. "I'm Will, Will Gaddy," he said with a smile of his own.