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Archaeomagnetic dating bradford

This may partly be due to lack of awareness of the method, but the main issue is the distribution of archaeomagnetic laboratories.

In addition, the development of archaeomagnetic dating as a method, and the wider understanding of the Earth’s magnetic field, is hindered by the lack of data from Scotland.

There are concentrated in the Iron Age, mainly reflecting the use of archaeomagnetic dating in the investigation of vitrified hillforts (Gentles 1989) and within long-running research projects.

Such investigations have the advantage of being able to integrate archaeomagnetic studies with other methods to produce significant advances in archaeological understanding (e.g. However, there is a dearth of archaeomagnetic dates from commercial archaeological investigations when compared with England.

Because archaeomagnetic dating usually requires laboratory personnel to collect samples on site, the lack of Scottish laboratories makes the method both expensive and unable to respond rapidly, except within the framework of planned research excavations.