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Am radio dating segment friday charlotte

The same may happen during major shopping times, such as around Thanksgiving and before Christmas, where major advertisers may buy up airtime to promote upcoming sales.

These include 15 spots from Monday-Friday and 5 spots on the weekend: The pricing for a radio ad ultimately comes down to the following equation: Number of People Listening x Cost to Reach 1,000 listeners (CPM) = Cost of Advertising Per Spot The number of people listening is best measured by Average Quarter-Hour Persons (AQH Persons).

You can use Radio Locator to see the stations that are located in your area, and the type of genre they play.

Here are some general guidelines for targeting based on age from the direct response radio advertising agency, Strategic Media.

The average daytime CPM rate is typically in the $12 – $16 range for adults between 18 – 49.