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I wrote an article on feral dogs for an ecology magazine.

But I had gone to some trouble to repeat dogs, dogs, dogs all through it, to avoid boring repetition. Dear Rosa, We aren't sure where journalism schools stand on this now, but English usage guides are unanimous on thumbs-down to the “elegant variation,” the rewording of a term after the first mention, in order to avoid repeating it.

I went with homeless hounds, feral fidos, primitive pooches, etc.—a practice I learned as a journalism student, reinforced over ten years—and the editor changed them all back to “dogs.” It's my first eco article and the deadline was looming so I let it go. In fact, the lexicographer Bryan Garner calls it the “inelegant variation,” having morphed into a compliment some years after “elegant variation” came into use. Because no two words for a thing have exactly the same meaning or connotation, so the practice tends to confuse readers and impede reading—the opposite of what writers and editors strive for. Morton (1899-1967), a writer, humorist and longtime associate editor at the , once called the practice “the elongated yellow-fruit school of writing,” invoking an elegant variation of “banana.” His examples included “the succulent goober” (for peanut) and “the numbered spheroids” (for billiard balls).

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That publisher bought my first novel two years ago. He didn't have any contacts in the publishing business so I praised him to my agent, who took on my friend and his novel and then sold it to my publisher.

They did a great job, I did everything they said to promote the book, I earned out my (small) advance, the book got on a couple of awards shortlists. All of this would have been swell except that when I finally finished my second novel, my publisher turned it down, mainly because my first novel hadn't sold as well as they'd hoped! Dear Pete, Ideally, publishers and writers work together over time, each getting better at their trade and enjoying the fruits of each other's labour.

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