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And any gains or losses are only reaped when you sell your shares.

Paul believes in building strong client relationships through active listening and proactive ideas to ensure clients maximize the benefit of the funds entrusted to our care.

He also believes in supporting his community through volunteer service and non-profit leadership roles.

Phone: 419-355-2171Email: [email protected] has earned an Associate’s Degree from Terra State Community College, a Bachelor of Business Administration from Tiffin University and has an in-depth background in the Financial Planning area with over 10 years of experience.

Tracy focuses on building strong client relationships.

In general, more established companies tend to pay dividends, and these companies may not have as much growth potential as newer companies that plow all of their earnings back into the company. A 2015 study found that dividends had accounted for about one-third of the total return of the S&P 500 index since 1956, with the other two-thirds from capital appreciation.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, more than 80% of S&P 500 stocks paid a dividend with an average yield of 1.87% for the index as a whole and 2.24% for dividend-paying stocks.

He believes that client relationship is the key to helping turn the complex into an actionable plan, along with his strong planning background.

Phone: 419-333-4712Email: [email protected] with over 25 years of experience in trust administration, portfolio management, tax & financial planning and business consulting.

He believes that strong client relationships are the key to helping turn a complex situation into an actionable plan.

He uses his strong financial planning background to assist clients in finding the right solutions for their planning needs.

He also is a member of the AICPA and holds a Personal Financial Specialist designation.