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7 1 secrets of online dating v03 signed rebranded pdf

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The media have redacted the name of the person who is the PRISM collection manager, a title which is followed by S35333, which is NSA's internal designator for a unit of the Special Source Operations (SSO).

After more, and especially far more complex slides became available, we can now assume the presentation to be genuine.

This presentation about PRISM was given in April 2013, which is just a month before Edward Snowden left his job at NSA and therefore this seems to be one of the most recent documents he was able to download from the internal NSA network. This slide was one of the first four revealed by The Guardian and The Washington Post on June 6, 2013, and shows a short introduction of the world's telecommunications backbone.

The diagram shows that the majority of international communications from Latin America, Europe and even from Asia flow through the United States, which makes it easy for NSA to intercept them on American soil.